How Do I Know If I Have A Cavity

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You can try some sensitive tooth toothpaste, but if it doesn 't alleviate any of the symptoms you should visit your dentist. When cavities have gone for long periods of time without treatment, they are usually visible to the eye. A cavity will appear as a dark spot on the infected tooth..Some people also feel pain when they bite down when they have a cavity. Depending on the size of the cavity, you may be able to see evidence of it in your mouth. Cavities sometimes create visible holes in the teeth. They might also create stains that are black, brown or white on the surface of the tooth..If you are experiencing tooth pain you may not be able to determine if you have a cavity or not. It might be something that is not severe at all, such as tooth sensitivity. Or it may indicate a serious health issue, such as an infection. Do not wait until the pain becomes worse..