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We 'll answer some pressing questions about DDoSs on gamers and offer some tried and tested steps you can take to protect your network and Note: Depending on your set up, ISP and home network, you may need to check with your service provider to find out what specific steps you need to take.. although totally failing to do so since I run a business grade Sonicwall firewall at my home and was able to block the ip/network . I ended up tracking it down to Cloudflare company that happens to provide "DDOS Protection Services". So yes, companies often perform real and/or fake DDOSs in .Protection From Alls. Layer 3/4. Mosts target the transport and network layers of a communications system. DNS Amplifications. DNS Reflection Without Cloudflare. DNS Reflection With Cloudflare. Layer 7s. SMURFs..Im sorry if this is the wrong sectionRecently i have been experiencing a lot of DDOSs and my ISP are a bunch if idiots who dont understand what it is and wont do anything about it! can anyone r .