Hole In My Tooth

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A hole in your tooth is the first warning sign that something is seriously wrong. Teeth will often not hurt at all at this point. The time to get your tooth treated is before it hurts, or the treatment will be much more extensive, and much more expensive. Fillings can turn into root c.s and crowns if you wait until it hurts! Emergency .Discusses increasing risk of tooth decay by letting a child sleep with a bottle in his or her mouth. Discusses reversing slight What is tooth decay? Tooth decay is damage that occurs when germs bacteria in your mouth make acids that eat away at a tooth. It can lead to a hole in the tooth, called a cavity . If not treated, tooth .I have a bottom tooth front and center in my mouth that felt like it had something stuck in it near the gum line, so I reach in the pick it out and out came a chunk of tooth. The whole tooth is still attached and not even loose, there is just a hole near the gum line facing the inside of my mouth. Are my teeth rotting? I have no idea .Cavities, also referred to as tooth decay or caries, are holes in the teeth. Cavities are the second-most common health disorder in the United States, according to the National Institutes of Health the first is the common cold and a very common disorder worldwide. Cavities usually occur in the teeth of .