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  • Ways To Treat Small Holes That Appear In Your Gums

    The main cause of small holes in gums is Gingivitis. If you don't treat this gum disease, the condition can worsen and you will be affected by a disease that is even more painfuled periodontal disease..

  • Holes In Your Gums Things You Didnt Know

    Bad oral habit Gum chewing is not about the gum or its sweetness. It is about manifesting a compulsive behaviors through the mouth. Seek a consultation with a thewho manages habits that are delirious to your health..

  • Hole In Gum Medhelp

    Hole in gum MedHelp's hole in gum Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for hole in gum. Find hole in gum information, treatments for .

  • Hole In My Gum Behind My Teeth Patient

    Hi, Yesterday I felt some slight discomfort behind my teeth with my gums and it felt like I had a cyst or something there, but didn't think much of it..