Hating College

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You 've been waiting for move-in day all summer, got a whole new wardrobe, and defriended all of those jerks from high school who you secretly couldn 't stand for the last four years and finally, you 've made it to college. But after unpacking, meeting your somewhat strange roommate, and taking classes .Are you unhappy at college? Learn what to do to make your situation better with our tips..Now as a third-year college student, I have began to hate college. Why do I hate college? Well, let 's just say that there are several reasons. I will break them..Up until this past August, it felt like I had spent my entire life getting ready to go to college. "High school, college, career, then you can settle down," my dad would always tell me. He would even make me repeat it back to him in that exact order to make sure he got his point across. But, not only was college .