Harry Potter Duelling Games

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INTRO Buy wands and potions, learn spells and fight against 7 different opponents in this Harry Potter Duelling Game. CONTROLS Use number keys to navigate shops and buy items. Use up and down keys to aim wand. 'a ' cast normal spell, 's ' cast dark magic spell powerful buts harms you as well , 'd ' cast defensive spell .The etymology of Harry Potter spells. Feature New Sport Relief app challenges Harry Potter fans to join Billion Steps Challenge. News Why Latin was so important to the Harry Potter books. Feature .Don 't let them get too close or you may get hit by a spell. Use your Harry Potter magic wand to defeat the Eaters on Level 1 and advance to the next level. The longer you duel the more powerful the Eaters become. Get hit 3 times and this Harry Potter Online game duel is over. Remember your training and you .You are trapped in the Forbidden Forest and now you have to find a way out! Use the proper spells to make your way out!.