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All Natural Hummus. img3. Finest Ingre.nts. image1. Our Home to Yours. Welcome to Hannah International Foods. Our company produces specialty Mediterranean foods for markets and distributors in the food industry. PrevNext. Logo. Facebook Linkedin Twitter Instagram..Our Story. our_story. Our story begins when the founder of Hannah Foods decided to make a hommus that captured all the flavors and spices from around the world and put them in a bowl of inspiration. But it extended beyond that. He wanted to make hommus that was authentic and rich in flavor. And that 's exactly what he .Just because something "tastes" good and can pass through your lips into your stomach does not mean it is food. Now, I agree that food should taste good by God 's design and it must pass through your lips in order to nourish your body. But it must also be edible. It must be something God has .. Our family LOVES Original Hannah Hommus. I especially love the texture and flavor. And it 's organic! Raena Blubaugh. . I 'm a huge fan of your taboule salad! For a year it 's been my "have to buy" product every time I 'm in Costco. Yesterday I decided to also grab your Original Hommus Trio .

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