Grapefruit Masturbation

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Some guys also like to use g.fruiting as a . technique. Many state that the texture feels a lot like the inside of a vagina." The prep for the g.fruit blow job is not unlike Saturday Night Live 's "Dick in a Box" skit: Cut the navel ends off a g.fruit, cut a hole the size of his 's girth in the .Kinda Funny. Nick Scarpino blesses us with his newual discovery. THE G.FRUIT TECHNIQUE REACTION!.G.fruit Blow Jobs and 12 Other Fruits and Vegetables That Are Totally DTF Does g.fruit give you acid reflux? Do you need those I 'm always learning new things at this job like that bananas are not just enticingly phallic-shaped, but are actually used by some dudes as . sleeves..I 've heard of boys using all different kinds of fruits to masturbate, so it doesn 't seem weird to me. I 've also heard of girls masturbating with cucumbers?? Whatever gives you pleasure, that 's the point of : ..