Grantors Trust

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The term "grantor trust" is actually a tax term. Find out when and why it applies and how it will affect your return if you have one..

  • How We Are Funded Major Clients And Grantors Of

    A list of major funders and sponsors of RAND research. RAND is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that consults with both the public and private sector..

  • Sample Shared Living Trust Nolo Com

    Here is an example of a Nolo living trust, made for a fictional couple..

  • Foundations And Grantmakers

    This directory lists foundations and grantmakers by name. You can scroll through the directory. To add your foundation to this directory, please email -

  • Independent Trust Company

    WHAT WE DO. Trust administration is our business. All we do is administer trusts. What we do is simple: We follow your trust document. It's a contract between us..