Generic Adderall Vs Brand

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In my experience I 've never had any differences in the effects with taking generic adderall vs. brand- or at least none that I 've noticed. Although I did switch to concerta for a year that was when my insurance transferred to only covering brand name adderall. You 're probably just building a tolerance to the .A generic suppose to have same strength as brand name. But for some reason there is still a difference in generic than brand name. I believe that generic company don 't use high quilty ingre.nts in the drugs, that is why you feel there is a difference between generic and brand name..Generic medications used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADD/ADHD offer a cheap alternative to name-brand prescription drugs. For adults and children with ADD/ADHD who need medications as a part of their treatment plan throughout their life, generic drugs can save thousands of dollars in costs..