Firefighter Tax Deduction Worksheet

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I hereby verify that the information provided on this worksheet is accurate and complete. I understand it is my sole responsibility and my continuing obligation to include any and all information concerning deductions and other information necessary for the preparation of my personal income tax return. I have not overstated .F EQUIPMENT REPAIRS. Generally, to be deductible items must be ordinary and necessary to your job as a firefighter and not reimbursable by your employer. Record separately from other supplies, the costs of business assets which are expected to last longer than one year and cost more then $300. Normally, the costs..Tax Deductions for FIREFIGHTERS/PARAMEDICS. Name: 1. Communication Expenses. Cellular Phone purchase. Monthly Cellular expenses used for Business. Long distance/Toll calls. Answering machine. Voice mail. Internet Connection expenses. 2. Job Supplies/Safety Equipment. Strike Bag/Gear Bag-supplies..