Famous People With Genetic Diseases

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Genetically inherited conditions are one of the worst scourges of mankind. As medical science advances in the war on genetic diseases, it 's interesting to look back at some notable figures in history who suffered from such terrible afflictions. Many of their cases are well documented, while others have only .Am J Med Genet A. ;118A 2 :187-96. Famous people and genetic disorders: from monarchs to geniuses--a portrait of their genetic illnesses. Ho NC 1 , Park SS, Maragh KD, Gutter EM. Author information: 1 Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. honi@grc.nia.nih.gov. Famous people .Unexpectedly he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder known as sickle cell anemia. It is a blood disorder that is inherited from ancestors and tends to make people 's lifespan short. It was proven that his parents also acquired such disease that also leads to their. To be able to lessen his suffering, .Famous people with genetic disorders have always been a subject of interest because such news feeds the curiosity the public has for celebrities. It gives further insight into their lives and provides a medical basis for any unexplained or idiosyncratic feature or behavior they exhibit. It draws admiration from society of those .

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