Famous Marfan Syndrome

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Although it might sound like a disease off the surface of Mars like hell!! rest assured that it is not. In sooth, Marfan Syndrome is not a disease at all. Marfan Syndrome is primarily a disorder of the connective tissue in the human body - connective tissue being the cement that holds the body in place. Every organ in the body .

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    Marfan Syndrome was responsible for the untimely of this Italian-American actor who succumbed to the disorder through lung collapse. Vincent Schiavelli was a member of the National Marfan Foundation which helped people cope with this disorder as well as spread awareness regarding the same..

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    Marfan syndrome that affects your connective tissue is a genetic disorder. Your connective tissue consists of the fibers that provide support for your organs and other .

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    We are discussing here about famous people who have suffered from Marfan Syndrome. It is basically a genetic disorder and has .

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    Marfan Syndrome is a connective tissue disorder which is caused by the misfolding of the protein fibrillin-1 FBN1 . Normally, connective tissues hold the body together and are found in every organ, bone, joint and blood vessel in the human body..