Famous Emily

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Take a look at famous people named Emily, such as Emily Bronte, Emily Post, and Emily Dickinson. Emily Blunt is joining Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming 'Jungle Cruise' movie, based on Disney's classic ride. Emily Dickinson was a reclusive American poet..Actresses. Emily Barclay born 1984 , New Zealand actress. Emily Blunt born 1983 , English actress. Emily Browning born 1988 , Australian actress. Emily Booth born 1976 , English actress and TV presenter. Emily Deschanel born 1976 , American actress. Emily Gimmel born 1984 , American journalist and TV personality..Discover the most famous people named Emily including Emily Osment, Emily Jade, Emily Skinner, Emily Ratajkowski, Emily Blunt and many more..If your name is Emily, then you 're in some great company. Here 's our list of the most famous people named Emily, including photos when available. How many celebrities named Emily can you think of? The famous Emilys below have many different professions, as this list includes notable actors named Emily, athletes .