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Nearly all IP booters on the internet are scams trying to get your money, any booter listed below has been personally reviewed by me and tested for reliability and power. Should our free IP stresser not be enough for you, any of these paid booters are highly recommended. #1: Exo Stresser - Provides 100 uptime, .Best stresser of 2016? After a year or two looking into booters i must have gone through every booter in the book. Most booters either don 't work or don 't have the power to touch a home connection but there 's some ip stressers out there that do work and if you 're reading this then you 're looking for those few booters that do .Link - 1 Register 2 Click Stresser 3 Enjoy! Comment to tell me if this helped!.Top 25 Booters - The Best Booter IP Stresser of 2014 Ip Stresser Never DDos without a VPN!!! The Best VPN! VVV Click Below VVV What is a booter, ip stresser, ddoser, ddos tool or ddos program? A boo..