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As with other imaging tests, the costs of those CT scans and MRIs is very different depending on where you have them doneeven in-network. A CT scan of the sinuses could cost as much at $800 at one facility and as little as $115 at anotherfor the same scan. Often ENTs refer out to several different facilities-maybe one .On MDsave, the cost of an ENT New Patient Office Visit ranges from $154 to $425. During a new patient office visit, a doctor will discuss the patient's past medical history and current medical conditions and/or ailments. Typically, a new patient office visit will take a great .The ENT looked briefly at the nodule in my throat and told me it was just lymphatic tissue and nothing to be concerned about. He also looked in my ears and said they looked just fine. He took less than five minutes to tell me I had nothing wrong-with my throat or ears. Total cost? $614.00. Initial doctor visit .