Ectopic Pacemakers

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An ectopic pacemaker or ectopic focus is an excitable group of cells that causes a premature heart beat outside the normally functioning SA node of the heart..Ectopic Foci. Ectopic foci are abnormal pacemaker sites within the heart outside of the SA node that display automaticity. Their pacemaker activity, however, is normally suppressed overdrive suppression by the higher rate of the SA node. They can occur within the atria or ventricles..Ectopic foci errors in pacing occur when pacing occurs at sites that do not normally act as cardiac pacemakers. Most cardiac tissues do not exhibit pacing if entirely healthy, but previously stable tissue can be induced to pace as a result of damage and resulting stimuli that reduce the membrane potential, or its stability..Looking for online definition of ectopic pacemaker in the Medical Dictionary? ectopic pacemaker explanation free. What is ectopic pacemaker? Meaning of ectopic pacemaker medical term. What does ectopic pacemaker mean?.