Dropping Out Of College Due To Depression

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So I spoke to two students, one who dropped out of college, and one who dropped out of school, due to their mental health. Hannah Murphy is an For as long as she can remember, Amy has suffered from depression and has been sent to child psychologists from the age of five. It was triggered again .Last week, I dropped out of college. Wait, I hate that expression. Dropped out. Let 's rephrase. I left college. I no longer go to college. Or maybe, I decided college was not the right thing for me right now. That 's better. You see what I did there? I stated my action like it was a failure. Like I had taken the weak .Life felt unbearable, and it soon became clear that I would be dropping out of college due to depression. Anxiety was the second component leading me to drop out of college. I started out fine enough, attending classes every day. After summer sessions, I became afraid of going to class. I just stopped going .Dropping out of college because of depression and anxiety can make people feel like they have no future .