Dropped Out Of College Now What

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As if that wasn 't hard enough, you 're now experiencing what comes next: People in your life deciding to not be supportiveor worse. What should you do? When I was 19 years old, I made the decision to drop out of college-I had a job offer in Los Angeles that I felt was too big too pass up. My parents .If you feel like you 're stuck in school and you are thinking of dropping out of college, take my advice and consider your options. You may now be wondering, why the hell did I drop out of school if every moment was a privilege? Let me start off by saying it was the hardest decision I 've ever made..And while you may feel completely blindsided by your new circumstances, you 're not a failure for being here. In fact, many well-known entrepreneurs, business owners and happy employees didn 't graduate college and still carved out a fulfilling life path. Here are ten things you can do to rebound faster and get your life back .I 'm going to give you the cliff notes to a longer article/ebook outline I 've been working on because god for bid you go off and do something stupid like sign up for the military just because you have social anxiety. Here 's a framework for "what to .