Dragonfruit Ripe

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As the fruit matures and ripens, the outer skin color changes to red or yellow, depending on the variety. When ripe the outer skin should be bright and even-colored. If the fruit has a lot of dark blotches on the skin, similar to bruises on an apple, then it may be overripe. A few spots, however, are normal..

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    Vernacular names of Hylocereus. These fruits are commonly known in English as "dragon fruit", reflecting its vernacular Asian names. The names pitahaya and pitaya .

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    About Tropical Dragonfruit What is Tropical Dragonfruit? Originally from Central America and now organically grown in Southern California by DeVine Organic Growers .

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    Dragon fruit is a fruit with scaly red skin and white flesh with black seeds. Known for their sweetness, dragon fruits make great .

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