Do Seizures Hurt

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What goes on during a seizure? Do you remember anything/does it hurt? I hurts terribly to see her have seizures but her neuro says they don 't hurt and she doesn 't remember anything. Is this true, because she appears to be in physical pain and most of the time she screams during them..

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    Most of my head-injured patients don't have seizure disorders stu.s suggest this happens in 5 percent of head-injured people . However, it happens with enough .

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    Happy New Year! Just for fun I decided to chart my seizures for the past three years. I also added some notes about things that affect me, like going to school .

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    The signs and symptoms of seizures vary depending on the type. The most common type of seizure is convulsive 60 . Two-thirds of these begin as focal seizures and .

  • Seizure First Aid Epilepsy Cdc

    Seizures do not usually require emergency medical attention. Only call 911 if one or more of these are true: The person has never had a seizure before..