Difference Between Acid And Lsd

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Some people experience headaches with the use of LSD/Acid and some do not. There is some controversy as to whether there is significant differences in the quality or content of street froms of LSD which could account for some portion of reported side effects, but this is a very technical and poorly stu.d .Acid is a street name for LSD, and is used frequently by teenagers and young adults in order to enhance their concert and night club experience..LSD vs Acid - what 's the difference, are they the same thing, and which is better?.Community designated to Lysergic acidthylamide-25 LSD Welcome to this awesome subreddit! Education, Love, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Harm Reduction are our main goals here. We Are NOT a drug market, so please refrain from sourcing. What are you waiting for? Get some relaxing music on, .