Deviated Septum Nose Job

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I broke my nose a few years back. I went to the doctors and I had surgery on it. The doctors mended the bone, but they didn 't actually fix my nose. Recently, I noticed I can 't breathe very well out of my left nostril. I think I may have a deviated septum. I know deviated septums and rhinoplasty are different things, but is there any .In the past, many celebrities like Jennifer Anniston have cited the need to correct a breathing problem as the reason for getting a nose job. The underlying issue, a deviated septum, is a narrowing of the nasal passage which can make breathing difficult. Specifically, a deviated septum stems from the .Not only is your nose the center of your face, but it is also a major part of how you breathe. One small nasal issue, like a deviated septum, can affect your daily breathing, and also how you sleep. A deviated septum can also be visually seen with a crooked or broken nose. But don 't give up on your nose just yet. A rhinoplasty .