Detrola 4 In 1

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The Detrola Radio and Television Corporation was an American manufacturer of radios. Founded in Detroit in 1931 by John J. Ross, Detrola became a brand of affordable radios in the midst of the Great Depression. They may well have been the world 's most prolific manufacturer of private brand radios for department stores .Detrola was the largest Michigan radio manufacturer, and was in business from . They grew from nothing to one of the largest radio manufacturers in just a few years time. They started out small, and had several locations before moving into a large factory building at the corner of Beard and Chatfield in Detroit .Victrola Wooden 6-in-1 Nostalgic Record Player with Bluetooth and 3 Speed Turntable, Mahogany already viewed. Victrola Aviator Wooden 7-in-1 Nostalgic Record Player with Bluetooth and Digital CD Encoding, Mahogany already viewed. guests who searched 'detrola record player price .I did a Google search on Detrola and I find that it 's radio manufacturing ceased around 1948 even though they had a significant share of the market prior to then and sometimes produced radios for other companies under well-known brand names like Silvertone Sears and Truetone Western Auto . I 've also looked at .