Depreciation On Home Computers Used For Investments

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As mentioned, expenses to generate tax-free income are nondeductible. If you use a home computer and peripheral equipment to manage your investments, you can depreciate the investment-use portion of the cost using the straight-line method 10 in the first year, 20 in years and 10 in year 6..Depreciation On Home Computers Used For Investments. While it is possible to take a deduction for depreciation on home computers used for investments, there is no way to modify this field within Federal Q A. You will need to manually calculate the depreciation and enter the amount as Other Expenses..Since Dave is using his computer more than 50 of the time for investment purposes, he will be able to depreciate 60 of the computer and related components. He will also be able to claim 60 of the operating supplies as investment expenses -- a miscellaneous itemized deduction..If you 're an investor, there are several investment-related expenses that you can deduct on your personal income taxes, including your computer. You don 't have to be a professional day trader, either; even casual and amateur investors who have full-time jobs elsewhere should keep careful track of their .