Depreciation Expense Asset Or Liability

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  • Is Ac Ulated Depreciation Anet Or Liability

    Ac.ulated depreciation is the grand total of all depreciation expense that has been recognized to date on a fixed .et. As such, it is considered a contra .et account, which means that it contains a negative balance that is intended to offset the .et account with which it is paired, resulting in a net book value..

  • Is Depreciation Expense Anet Or Long Term Liability

    Neither. Depreciation expense is the systematic decrease in value of a fixed tangible .et. ExampleThe company purchases a machine with a cost..

  • Which Areets Which Are Liabilities Yahoo Answers

    Depreciation expense itself is not an .et or a liability it is just an expense which is shown on the income statement when determining profit or loss. The impact of the depreciation expense is generally recorded in a separate account and disclosed on the balance sheet as ac.ulated depreciation, under fixed .ets, .

  • Depreciation And Depreciation Expense Business Plan Hut

    Deprecation and depreciation expense is not an .et nor is deprecation expense a liability. The contra account, however, of deprecation expense is referred to as ac.ulated depreciation and appears under the fixed .ets section of the balance sheet. We will discuss this later on in greater de .