Define Poblano

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Definition of poblano. plural poblanos. : a large usually mild heart-shaped chili pepper especially when fresh and dark green compare ancho..Noun, plural poblanos [puh-blah-nohz; Spanish paw-blah-naws] /pbl noz; Spanish pbl ns/ Show IPA a dark-green, mild or slightly pungent chili pepper, the fruit of a variety of Capsicum annuum used in cooking. Examples from the Web for poblano. The poblano had spoken the truth to his friend from Yucatan..Dictionary. Phrasesnew. poblano. adjective. 1. of or relating to Puebla . a. from Puebla. Mi tia poblana vino al D.F. a visitarme el fin pasado.My aunt from Puebla came to Mexico City to visit me last weekend. 2. inhabitant of a village Latin America . a. village. Ese hombre poblano de ahi es muy respetado entre los demas .