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To help diagnose a connection problem while playing LoL, you will likely be asked for your Network Logs NetLogs . To find them, navigate to the client 's folder and go to Logs > Network Logs and locate files from the dates in which you suffered network issues. For example, my .Hello summoners, i read some stories on the internet that people got ddosed while playing lol. so i have some questions. how dafuq they get your ip. how they ddos. what is ddos. what you can do against ddos. thanks. i dont have lots of that knowledge. thanks all. happy gaming!!!.This doesn 't define all DDoS but a very common tactic is spamming essentially. Basically just spams commands to websites rapidly so much to the point that the requests cause a stack overflow and gradually slow the website down, and eventually crash it. Or more accurately than websites, networks..But doesn 't getting DDoS 'd require them to get your IP address somehow? And I thought League had systems in place to prevent them from getting it through their game servers. So it seems that getting DDoS 'd in League by someone you don 't know in your game is pretty unlikely. There are ways to get .