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Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects a deviated septum by straightening and repositioning the partition between the nostrils. Community Reviews Photos. Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction to Correct Deviated Septum - Atherton, CA..Septoplasty is a surgery performed to correct a deviated or crooked septum. When it is crooked, it is termed a deviated septum. A deviated septum can block the nasal passage and contribute to symptoms of nasal obstruction..

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    Surgery can cost $6,000-$30,000 or more, depending on what is included such as cartilage scoring, contouring or a replacement/graft . According to the Agency for HealtChare Research and Quality , this class of surgery typically costs .

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    The cost for a procedure can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure, geography where you live, and indivdual pricing for the surgeon. Typically pricing for a noncomplex septoplasty is significantly lower and can range from $1000-6000, excluding the cost of anesthesia and facility fee..

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    The average total cost of a septoplasty is $8,131. Get a cost estimate based on your location, insurance, and doctor below. If you were born with or developed a .

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    On average, the price for a deviated septum surgical procedure is going to cost anywhere from $3,100 to as much as $17,000 without insurance. This price will depend on the complexity of the procedure. If the septoplasty is done alongside a rhinoplasty together, the costs can increase by a few thousand dollars..