Condo Leasehold

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There is a common misconception regarding leasehold condos. I would like to try and clear it up. Leasehold Definition: Land which is owned by the government or a landowner and then leased to a tenant for a fixed period of time. And if the condo complex is built on this land it becomes a leasehold condo..So you 're browsing listings on and keep seeing this "Leasehold" phrase on condominiums for sale. Seems like quite a few of them! What is that? Sometimes you 'll notice condos in the very same building being sold as "Fee Simple," "Leasehold," and "Fee Available." On Oahu, you may even .But these buildings have an even lesser-known sibling in the world of condominiums, known as leasehold condos. In this scenario, condo owners get an actual deed and therefore own their property, even though the building is technically under lease to a larger ownership entity, to which it pays rent..