College Makes Me Want To Kill Myself

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GET HELP NOW HELP YOUR LOCAL CENTER JOIN THE NETWORK PROMOTE THE LIFELINE GET HELP NOW. Get resources for yourself or be the difference for a loved one by offering support and understanding. HELP YOUR LOCAL CENTER. Lifeline centers range across the U.S. and rely on state and local funding .So I turned 20 last week. I "finished" up my second year of college last month, and those months were terrible. Being at college made me seriously .Since then, he said, MIT has taken steps to make its mental health program better known among students and easier to access. "We 're involved in training everybody that we can think of - faculty, administrative staff, dormitory personnel, and students themselves - in recognizing when a student has .Before this happened, I was also guilty of saying things like, "I want to kill myself" when I was stressed out simply because I didn 't realize the impact of my words. I didn 't I think back to that girl on the bus and some of my friends talking about wanting to kill themselves over homework, and it makes me sick..