College Dropout Now What

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Along with that, I picked up a number of frivolous and destructive habits, I lost hope in myself, and now - for lack of better words - I 'm trying to get my shit together. Although Autostraddle doesn 't endorse everybody dropping out of college, the fact remains that sometimes a girl has gotta drop out of college..Here are ten things you can do to rebound faster and get your life back on track: Breathe. Take stock of what you 've learned. Even if you didn 't graduate, your time at university gave you a bunch of skills. Hit the road. Learn a language. Learn anything! Dust off an old hobby. Start a small business. Volunteer..Hated college so much. In my second year, I was battling depression as well, so I took a leave of absence, and just never went back. Started working full time, and have ever since. I went back to school as an adult and learned a trade, and now have a career I enjoy. Never regretted any of it for a minute!.I can now live a life on my own terms, pursuing the passions that I love, and waking up every morning excited to take on new challenges. college-dropout-to-freedom. If you feel like you 're stuck in school like you 're in a drought and you want something different for yourself take my advice above and .