Clonidine Withdrawal Symptoms

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Clonidine Withdrawal Symptoms. While clonidine is not as commonly abused as other classes of drugs, there can be a risk of dependence in some individuals. Its use alongside opiates poses a particular risk for abuse and subsequent withdrawal symptoms. Learn more about clonidine, its uses, and the .Withdrawal from clonidine is considered a serious medical issue due to the possibility of the patient experiencing a hypertensive crisis. This crisis results from clonidine rebound, a condition in which the lowered blood pressure caused by clonidine use suddenly rises. Other clonidine withdrawal symptoms may include .Other uses for the drug include treatment for Tourette 's syndrome, anxiety issues, painful menstruation symptoms, and addiction-related withdrawal. Clonidine does have abuse potential. It is often abused in conjunction with other drugs, such as methadone,, and prescription painkillers, according to Everyday Health..Seven of the fourteen patients had subjective symptoms, in three severe enough to require interruption of observation by the.utic intervention h after the last dose of clonidine. After clonidine withdrawal, NAE increased to abnormally high values in correlation with the blood pressure P less than 0.01 and heart .

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    As clonidine is most commonly prescribed for hypertension, a common withdrawal symptom is the understandably a rapid rise in blood pressure. Other reported symptoms include: Anxiety or depression. Nervousness or agitation. Dizziness. Headache. Tremors. Insomnia..

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    For withdrawal sufferers, clonidine reduces some of the symptoms of withdrawal, easing the withdrawal process. For hypertension patients, clonidine lowers the blood pressure. Clonidine withdrawal can result from the extended use of clonidine followed by the sudden cessation of the drug's ingestion..

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    Common Clonidine withdrawal symptoms include dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headache, gait instability and insomnia. Some may even report flu-like symptoms, and the range of symptoms may be mild to severe. What Is Clonidine? Clonidine is a prescription medication used to treat high blood pressure and anxiety..

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    The frequency and pathophysiology of the clonidine withdrawal syndrome was stu.d in fourteen hypertensive patients on chronic clonidine therapy. 2. After sudden cessation of clonidine 900 microgram daily almost all of the patients showed an excessive increase of the heart rate and blood pressure..