Circle You Circle You Creepypasta

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Gateway of the Mind is a well known Creepypasta, a bunch of mad scientists attempting some unbelievably literal interpretation of a figure of speech. This experiment was I haven 't got much knowledge of Japanese, but it seems the game is named Circle You, Circle You*, as described by one of the translators. A group of .This week 's creepypasta takes its title from an old playground game enjoyed by Japanese children but much like "Ring Around the Rosy," which originated with Europe 's bubonic plague, its innocence is now tainted by a grotesque tale of Most properly the game would be called "Circle You, Circle You..This is a Wikipedia description of Kagome Kagome, or Circle You, Circle You in english. i hope you enjoy! I love you all!.Also it 's been a while since I 've done these creepypasta based in History like this. Oh right Am I the only .

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