Cavity Front Tooth

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How Do Dentists Fix Cavities On Front Teeth. Front teeth are the most visible part of a smile. Repair work done to this area is especially important. You want your child 's smile to be beautiful and bright. Keep reading to learn how dentists fix cavities when they are on a child 's front teeth..

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    Define cavity. cavity synonyms, cavity pronunciation, cavity translation, English dictionary definition of cavity. n. pl. cavities 1. A hollow; a hole. 2. A .

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    The first section of the mouth is known as the oral cavity, or the mouth cavity. This space is bordered in the front and to the sides by the two alveolar arches .

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    One of my two front teeth slightly groove in the center, as in when you run your finger across the tooth from left to right it goes; normal, drop, .

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    Read Colgate's tooth filling article to learn about was is a dental filling, silver filling or a gold filling. Find out more information about a cavity filling online .