Catscratch Games

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Sounds. THIS MEANS. WAR! How to play. Play. Watch "Catscratch" on Nickelodeon! Choose the number of players. 1 player. 2 players. WAR!3 players. 3 players. Choose a cat for each player! Cat Fight! Player 1. Player 2. Player 3. Choose your cat! Unable to live together in peace, Gordon, Blik and Waffle..It 's a feline fight to the finish in this Catscratch multiplayer melee!.On you 'll find the best collection of Catscratch games! You 'll find no less than 3 different Catscratch games, such as Catscratch This Means War Mecha-Cat Destructo. In Catscratch games you can collect things, or disarm the mother ship and other funny games!.Catscratch: Mecha-Cat Destructo! - an official Catscratch Flash online action game..