Cash Flow To Stock Holders

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Cash flow to stockholders. Cash flow to stockholders is the amount of cash that a company pays out to its shareholders. This amount is the cash dividends paid during a reporting period. If dividends are paid in the form of additional stock or assets other than cash, this is not considered to be cash flow to investors..

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    The Cash Flow to Investors in the firm, i.e., the debtholders and equityholders, indicates how the cash flow generated by the firm's assets are distributed to the debtholders and equityholders. The calculations illustrated on this page will refer to the Balance Sheet and Income Statement which follow..

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    Cash Flow from Assets = Cash Flow to Creditors + Cash Flow to Stockholders CFFA = Operating cash flow - net capital spending - changes in net working capital.

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    The cash flow to investors is the sum of the cash flows to debtholders and stockholders. The cash flow to debtholders is the interest expense minus the difference between the ending and beginning long-term debt balances..