Capital To Asset Ratio

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For example, if a company has capital of $50,000 and assets of $500,000, then its capital-to-asset ratio is 10 percent. The capital-to-asset ratio may vary depending on the figures used. For example, using the risk-weighted asset instead of the total asset would increase a company 's capital-to-asset ratio..

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    Capital Adequacy Ratio CAR is also known as Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio CRAR , is the ratio of a bank's capital to its risk. National regulators track .

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    Tier 1 capital ratio. The Tier 1 capital ratio is the ratio of a bank's core equity capital to its total risk-weighted assets RWA . Risk-weighted assets are the .

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    Definition of debt/asset ratio: Total liabilities divided by total assets. The debt/asset ratio shows the proportion of a company's assets which are .

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    Definition of asset/equity ratio: Total assets divided by shareholder equity. Asset/equity ratio is often used as a measure of leverage. For example, if .