Can You Masturbate With A Uti

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Bob Smithing, MSN, NP, FAANP Family Nurse Practitioner answered 12/15/2012 Yes it should not cause any significant problems in general once someone has started treatment for the UTI. If you are having symptoms but have not been treated I 'd suggest seeing your health care provider because UTI like symptoms can .Keep the area free from dirty items and have fun. You should really get an antibiotic for the infection . not clean, could make it easier for a UTI to occur. Additionally, if you touch the rectum area and then touch the urinary tract opening, then you are increasing the risk. However, it is more likely if you are doing mutual .Is it, i was diagnosed 2 day, can i jack off 2 nite? This topic is answered by a Urinary tract infection can get very complicated when is not treated on time. In some cases your I think that you won 't have any problems if masturbate but you could feel some pain in your from the infection. My suggestion .