Can You Eat Butternut Squash Raw

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A: Yes, eating raw butternut squash is safe. It is sometimes grated, or sliced thinly, into salads or coleslaws. See our page on Butternut Squash for nutritional information, and benefits..

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    The best ones I've found that you can eat raw are yellow squash, crookneck squash, and zucchini. Winter Squash Winter squash are eaten in a mature state, and often can last for months if harvested from your garden in late fall and stored in cool wintery conditions..

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    Yes you can and it is delicious. Here is a recipe from Bittman a great raw butternut squash salad with raisins and ginger// In the raw food world, .

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    I ate about a 1/2 cup of raw butternut squash 3 hours ago. I had an itchy feeling in my mouth, then i was sneezing. I threw up twice and had diarreah. My stomach still hurts a bit. I must be allergic to it..

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    This spiced butternut squash smoothie is actually raw, Raw Spiced Butternut Squash Smoothie Did you also know you can eat butternut squash raw .