Black Dot On Tooth

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  • How To Get Rid Of The Tiny Black Spot On Your

    There are many reasons why there could be a tiny black spot on your tooth. However, the main cause for those who are affected by this dental condition is teeth decay. As the name suggests, tooth decay is when your tooth starts to break down due to all the nasty bacteria that is present in your mouth..

  • Black Dot On My Tooth What Doctors Want You To Know

    Black dot on my tooth - I have a little black dot by my wisdom tooth I'm 17 and very concerned. It doesn't hurt. Get an exam. It is probably nothing to worry about .

  • Black Dot On Wisdom Tooth Doctor Answers Tips

    Recently after brushing my teeth I noticed little black dot on one of my wisdom teeth. I tried to clean it with my toothbrush but I couldn't remove it even .

  • Black Spots On The Teeth Near Gums Remove With

    Black Spots on the Teeth Whether there are lines on the biting surface of your molars or dots on one or multiple grooves, you can get rid of them..