Biphasic Response

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  • Biphasic Effects Of Alcohol

    Every time alcohol is introduced into the system, the biphasic effect, or "biphasic curve," follows. The biphasic two-phase effect: the body experiences an energizing, perhaps "positive," component followed by the introduction .

  • What Is The Biphasic Response That Occurs With Alcohol

    Biphasic refers to the two phases or effects of alcohol on the body. The first phase consists of feeling stimulated, excited, and euphoric. The other phase consists of depressant effects, such as slowed down body processes and .

  • Biphasic Response Medical Definition From Medilexicon

    Biphasic response. Type:Term. Definitions. 1. two separate and distinct responses that are separated in time; 2. immediate reaction to an antigenic challenge followed by a recurrence of symptoms after an interval of quiescence..

  • Biphasic Response Definition Of Biphasic Response By

    There is a reproducible biphasic response to an intraplantar injection of formalin consisting of an early acute or phasic interval -5 min , followed by a quiescent period 5-15 min , and then a prolonged tonic phase Phase 2, .