Best Way To Store Lsd

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A: The primary catalysts for the decomposition of LSD are heat, light, oxygen, and moisture. LSD 's shelf life can be significantly extended if exposure to these are minimized. Air Light Keeping LSD in an air and light proof container is the most important step. A good option is a dark amber glass container .Tonight my activities will be restricted to e which I 'm trying for the first time but I 'm not sure if my acid will go stale. I 'm sure that tomorrow I 'm not going to want to do it because my brain will already be too fried, so I might wait a week or more to recuperate before I drop it. I 've heard that when keeping acid you .LSD degrades for normal people 's intents and purposes mainly under light that has any UV components, meaning mainly sunlight. Oxygen and artificial light does almost nothing. I personally store my girl in the freezer in an airtight jar wrapped in a few ziplocks and tinfoil, but its definitely overkill. just keeping it in foil away .But I have a big problem: I live with my mother and storing my acid in the family fridge/freezer is obviously out of the question. SWIM has been keeping a vial of liquid WhiteFluffLSD +/-100drops in a BreathDrops container, +/-100g/drop for about 6months, wrapped in foil, and kept in a dark place at .

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