Being A Camp Counselor

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As those of us who used to have the job or still do know, working as a camp counselor is both ridiculously exhausting and one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. People might think As much as we love kids, being a counselor is not always a picnic although sometimes it is literally a picnic ..Like Odyssey on Facebook. Make your younger siblings enroll in camp with you. Respect the older counselors. Help out the new counselors. Never give money to campers. Your camp director doesn 't know what they 're doing. This job will help prepare you for the future..The Bonds you Make. You won 't really understand the impact you 've had on your campers until they step onto the bus on the last day of camp. The Lessons you Learn. Camp Friends are the Best Friends. Counselors are just Big Campers. Camp Traditions. It 's the Best Job you 'll Ever Have. The Tan. The Camp Bubble..It is literally a fact that my entire life was changed because I was a camp counselor. Not only did I find healing and joy that I was desperately seeking at the time, but I fell in love with Texas, where I ended up moving and building a life. Needless to say, I loved being a camp counselor. I often joke that if I could .