Bay Leaf Chipotle

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As if Chipotle didn 't have enough troubleswhat with the rampant food poisoning outbreaks of last year and then Trump 's threat to tax most of their supply of ingre.ntsnow people are complaining that they are finding random, backyard leaves in their burritos and bowls. Got a leaf in my burrito bowl .Bay leaves are used as a spice for Chipotle 's rice. However, sometimes they get served and people get surprisingly freaked out about it..Not everyone knows anything about cooking, but it 's still pretty astounding that so many people make the same mistake about the exact same ting over and over. Specifically, how many people don 't know what a bay leaf is, and report finding one in their food to Chipotle like they think there 's a sentient tree .@purelyjess That ' a bay leaf. We use them to season our food. I 'm sorry we didn 't remove it prior to serving your bowl. -Myra. 12:03 PM - . 4 Retweets; 5 Likes; Emma LaBounty Jacob Jacob Jacob Rainbow Brite Pamie Nicolette Tobias Brennvik alexa paige Jess Matthews. retweets 5 .