Back To School Word Search Pdf

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G. M. C. H. Q. A. F. P. D. B. I. O. B. L. O. U. L. E. N. O. I. L. F. A. I. T. L. H. U. R. L. I. B. R. A. R. Y. K. C. L. Z. O. I. K. S bell bus cafeteria chair chalk clock desk eraser field trip glue library notebook office paper pencil principal ruler scissors stapler teacher. Welcome Back to School Activity Book Scholastic Teaching Resources..Word List: BACKPACK. BOOKS. BUS. CRAYONS. FRIEND. GLUE. GYM. LEARNING. LIBRARY. MUSIC. NOTEBOOK. PAPER. PLAYGROUND. PRINCIPAL. READING. RULER. SCHOOL. SCIENCE. SCISSORS. SPELLING. STUDENT. STUDY. TEACHER. WRITING .These free, printable back to school word search puzzles are a great activity for the first day back to school or as a end of the summer worksheet..