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The back to school YouTube tag is a fun and easy way to share your school experience with your YouTube channel..Hey! I had sooo much fun doing the last tag, that I thought I 'd do another one! : This is a back to school one, since I just started school 1. What grade are you going into?; don 't want to say exactly, but I 'm in high school. 2. What are you excited and/or nervous for this year?; excited for making new friends .First of all, these questions are from a Youtube Tag, instead of an actual blog tag, so it may be hard to answer some of the questions. Also, the schooling system is different in the UK, so again it may be hard. I don 't feel the need for a long intro so, here goes: 1. Do you like school? No, but I understand that I .High School is something we 've all are going through or have gone through! We have created a new tag based on high school for you to do to talk about your high school experiences! This has 20 questions which range from the basics of high school to some of the more crazy things you 've done in high .