Autosuggestion Napoleon Hill

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Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill [1938], at AUTO-SUGGESTION is a term which applies to all suggestions and all self-administered stimuli which reach one 's mind through the five senses. Stated in another way, auto-suggestion is self-suggestion..I just want to give credit where credit is due, and Hill has done the best job that I 've been exposed to of describing autosuggestion and how our minds can work for us. My interpretation is that autosuggestion is what we often hear called Affirmations. The movie, The Secret, refers to this process as well through the Law of .How Auto-Suggestion Inspires and Get 's You Laser-Focussed on Desire. As mentioned in my previous post, I 'm testing whether Napoleon Hill 's 80-year old success guidebook, Think and Grow Rich, can still empower leaders and personal brands today. Each month in 2017, we are diving into 1 of his 13 .Hypnotist Erick Kand explains how to employ autosuggestion strategies of Napoleon Hill to create massive success in any field. Think and Grow Rich!.