Atrial Rhythm

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Atrial rhythms originate in the atria rather than in the SA node. The P wave will be positive, but its shape can be different than a normal sinus rhythm because the electrical impulse follows a different path to the AV atrioventricular node. Premature Atrial Complex..EKG reference guide - Atrial Rhythms Includes EKG tracings and assessment tips..Atrial Rhythm. {{{locatieafbeelding}}}. Atrial rate, 50-100 bpm. Ventricular rate, 1:1. Regularity, regular. Origin, atrial. P-wave, present, but different from sinus rhythm. Effect of adenosine, slows down. Example ECG: Atrial rhythm. In this example the sinus node stopped pacing due to ischemia during an..Atrial tachycardia and other ectopic atrial rhythms occur when a site outside of the sinus node, but within the atria, creates action potentials faster than the sinus node. When the atrial rate is greater than 100 beats per minute, the rhythm is atrial tachycardia..