Ashwagandha Makes Me Sleepy

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Ashwagandha used to make me feel a bit better, but now when I take it it seems to make me extremely fatigued over a period of three days or so. My endurance is lower, I have brain fog, I feel apathetic and lethargic and gets so bad that I have to stop after about a week. I 've tried a few different brands .Hi , I started to take this brand of ashwagandha 3/4 weeks I have also had difficulty sleeping , with it usually taking me an extra hour or so to fall asleep and I also have a sense of restlessness too.My legs You can also try simply stopping the ashwagandha and seeing if that makes you feel any better..I 've tried taking Ashwagandha but what it seemed to do was give me symptoms of even lower cortisol - it made me more tired during the day, more dizzier when standing up, and even less tolerant of simple physical activity. I noticed this after a few days of taking it - initially it made me feel more clear-minded in a way..I take 1 Ashwagandha in the morning and 1 at night and 1 Rhodiola in the morning. I don 't take the Rhodiola at night because it makes me feel kind of wired and interferes with sleep. Any way, I took this because I felt like my hormones were out of whack and wanted to see if I noticed any difference. Any anti-anxiety, calming, .